Qualified in Water Management Solutions and an accredited provider.


Bandera Environmental is fully accredited to ISO14001, and is fully equipped and ready to help with a wide range of recycling services.

Reducing the carbon footprint of a company and the constant pressure to recycle is growing. Businesses are aware that waste disposal can cost as much as 5% of their annual turnover. Therefore, to recycle as much as possible and avoid the ever increasing levies on landfill tax not only makes sense, it is a positive action for the environment.

Bandera Environmental can bring your business a range of benefits including reduction in energy consumption, significant cost savings, reduction in carbon emissions, enhanced public perception of the organisation, due to reduced environmental impact and compliance with legislation.

We are qualified in Water Management Solutions and an accredited provider of water management and water treatment operations from source to outfall. We can also solve any heating or air-conditioning problems that you may have with our industry leading heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products.


  • HVAC systems
  • Industrial process water system
  • Testing of water quality
  • Testing for corrosion, scale, bacteria
  • Compliance legislation – water health and safety
  • Energy Management